Boroko – Community of the Holy Spirit

Two thousand and eleven saw the opening of our community in Boroko, close to Port Moresby. It arose out of our need to have a base for travelling and business affairs in the capital, as well as having a house for the sisters who are studying.

The sisters are involved in archdiocesan and parish activities. The sisters attend parish Basic Christian Community groups, and join with their fellow parishioners in prayer and faith development. They are part of the catechetical team, preparing children to receive the sacraments.

Working in the team for the Street Children is an important venture, with outreach with young children who are not in school. Many of them live in the squatter settlements. The aim is to help the children follow a regular program that will enable them to make an application to a main stream school.

The past students of our school at Bema who are doing tertiary studies in Port Moresby are frequent visitors, and we are able to facilitate their studies with assistance from Melbourne Overseas Mission.

We are able to provide a listening ear and an occasional meal to the refugees and asylum seekers from the Middle East and who now live in Port Moresby. Some of them have married Papua New Guineans, who are happy to receive seeding funding for small projects which provide food for their children.


PO Box 6732 Boroko, NCD, PNG