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Lay men and women who wish to grow in their faith and who wish to join in living the Spirituality and Charism of the Congregation may join in our Associate Movement. By doing this, laity and religious alike affirm each other’s calling.

Anne Marie’s charism was a gift from God to the Church. We find this same gift in those who recognize in themselves an affinity with Anne Marie Javouhey.

Who can become an Associate of the Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny?

Any baptised adult, from any background, who wishes to live Gospel values, and is attracted by the spirit of Anne Marie Javouhey, finding in her vision and affinity with their own particular vision, can apply to become an associate.

Formation of Associates is based on

  • The knowledge of Anne Marie Javouhey
  • Putting into practice her spirituality and charism which already lives in them
  • The history of the Congregation and its current thrusts and challenges.


Associates gather with a sister who shares with them about the life and spirituality of Anne Marie. Together they discover and deepen the gift of the charism already present in their lives.

The ways of being involved are many and varied. There are formal groupings called Associates who share the Cluny spirit and there are many others who share in Cluny ministries.

In many of the Cluny ministries there are dedicated and highly qualified staff who approach the task with a passion for ministry rather than simply carrying out an occupation.

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