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The General Chapter of June 2006 gathered 92 Sisters from all around the world.  They renewed Sister Morag Collins’(Scotland) mandate as Superior General for another six years and elected 8 General Councillors, of 7 nationalities : Seychelles (1st Assistant), France, (2nd Assistant), Spain, Portugal, Sierra Leone, Angola, and India (south and north). The Orientations for the six years to come deal with Consecration, Vocation, Internationality, Charism and Community.  The Superior General’s letter of 01 October 2006 calls all the Sisters to an ‘interior journey’ for ‘it is our union with Christ which will make fruitful our apostolates, our words and our actions, and this union depends on our willingness to receive God’s grace, that stream of living water, into our lives by the surrender of our lives in every detail to Him.’

The reports and expositions which presented the life of our 29 provinces and regions showed the great diversity of cultures where the Sisters are inserted, the variety of lifestyles, apostolic activities, and also expectations which remain unfulfilled because of lack of personnel. The rapid pace of change in our societies is creating new needs, exposing new forms of poverty in the fields of education, health, family life and of course on the spiritual level.  This means that the Sisters have to be particularly attentive to the ‘signs of the times’, always ready to adapt, to continue their formation, and above all to listen attentively to the Holy Spirit in prayer.

With this in mind some of our provinces have opened Centres of Spirituality and have had Sisters trained in spiritual accompaniment.  Special care is also given to the education and promotion of women and young girls.

The "life force" is moving from the ‘old’ christian countries towards the ‘younger’ Churches.  In 2005, 1005 of the 2890 Sisters are in Asia (India and the Philippines), 565 are in Africa and the Indian Ocean, 90 in Australia and the Pacific, 566 in the Americas and 864 in Europe.

Brought from South America and planted in the motherhouse grounds. Firmly rooted in the fertile earth, exposed to sun and wind, the gingko has flourised for 150 years.